Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Triumph Tiger 800 XC - 50,000 km endurance test

Triumph has with the three-cylinder mid Enduro Tiger 800 XC an all-rounder in the program, which focuses on asphalt as loose turf is suitable for long and short trips as well as for the everyday way through the urban jungle. Their qualities, but also their reliability and durability, the Tiger 800 XC had to ask for a duration test of the magazine MOTORCYCLE proof. The stress of 50,000 hard test miles mastered the 800 with flying colors.

The endurance test (published in MOTORCYCLE 5/2013), the 800 XC finished with an excellent rating. During the test period, the characteristics of the motorcycles of various editors were evaluated at various inserts. How well does the proposed triumph here, the statements of "MOTORCYCLE" editor Peter Mayer show:

"Whether niedertourig purring in enjoyment mode or aggressive hisses to attack, the 94-hp three-cylinder turned out to be almost as a universal genius."

That the Triumph Tiger Mäkinen the endurance test distance in just 15 months, is for Mayer "a value that says a lot about the popularity and frequency of claims and the little cat so that heaves to the level of the mile-eating touring and high-capacity enduros in the long-term test fleet."

At the end of the term, the journalists took before not only a comparison measurement of engine power and compression, rather they disassembled the bike into its component parts in order to search for possible signs of wear at all offal. To make it short: Here, too, the triumph hit with flying colors.

MOTORCYCLE editor Peter Mayer:

"So the little tiger has brilliantly pulled the bottom line of the affair."

As well the tiger has really beaten, shows the comparison of the editorial house fatigue test rankings of the magazine MOTORCYCLE: In the ranking table of the duration test machines in recent years, the operating costs, fuel consumption, depreciation, workshop visits / breakdown and wear underlie occupied the criteria the Tiger 800 XC overall third place with only two points behind the first place.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bikers and neighbours come together on East North Avenue To Celebrate Harley Davidson's 105th Anniversary

While Harley-Davidson riders a reputation for being rather provincial when it comes to their bikes, have seemed to some different masses get by hanging out at the North Avenue Street Party quite well, for the most part.

Thousands of drivers with an eclectic group of neighbors and the college crowd from nearby mixed UW - Milwaukee for the festivities on North Avenue. From the Oriental Theater, where the Violent Femmes busking discovered on a street corner by The Pretenders in the early 1980s to Vitucci the cocktail lounge, which has not a little to have changed since the 1930s, is East North Avenue coolest one of Milwaukee and historic neighborhoods.

I caught a group of about a dozen 40-and-under riders from German Town, Wisconsin, USA, to talk about their bikes and ride preferences, just before she headed to Rascal tavern. This was not just a group of renegade bikers willing to hell, as they increase from the "Wild Ones" movie, but there was no shortage of character in their team, which includes drivers of Harley touring bikes, Softail and Sportster , as well as a few guys on sportbikes.

Brian Esklidsen, 26, came up with a 2006 Ultra. "I grew up on these bikes," said Esklidsen. "My father had it. You get a thrill from the sound and the thunder of the pipes. Sometimes it's for the show, but we have to go."

"Bikes are bikes, no matter what you ride," said Rob rides Baatz, 25, a Honda CBR. "We have a real mix of bikes, but we're all friends."

Riding as a passenger, Michelle Catalano, 24 wants to learn to ride one day in advance. "I want the first woman to ride in my family since I read of the old Italian tradition, where there have been men over women," she said. "Things are the same for women and now I'm tired of things are for men only."

U.S. Army veteran Mike Mills was the elder statesman of the group at the 39th He owns several classic cars and Harley's rode a 1990 Softail Custom for street festival. "I hate poseurs, but I think they are riders," he said. "They are really more like credit card bikers, though."

While the musical acts Blind Melon, The Crave and Alana Grace entertained the North Avenue crowds throughout the day I was working hard to serve a few cold drinks Miller. As a close friend organized the party, helped a group of our friends serving the beer. Bartending is always a good way for people watching and this night was no exception.

From grizzled veterans with Harley-covered patch of West Tours (rich urban bikers) to college kids out for a good time, the audience enjoyed an evening out on the street. Milwaukee as a city of festivals, and is known in other words, we know how to party. Some in the crowd said they had removed to the street party summer party on the grounds a few miles from Milwaukee lakefront come to avoid the crowds there.

To nobody's surprise, ZZ Top still in an old school Harley crowd at the Summer Festival on Friday seized, along with other bands like the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, War, Los Lonely Boys and Big Head Todd & the Monsters. Gen Xers and the younger group had their fill with the Foo Fighters and Three Days Grace show at the Roadhouse at the Lakefront.

Finally, here is a pretty incredible story go from my city today. Just before pulling into Veterans Park, another driver, and I have to look twice, as we recognized each other. In fact, we had, as I had led him and his colleagues at the Michigan driver at Miller Park on Thursday HOG event and now I was the same for them at Vet Park. I think it's really a small world, Harley, after all.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Ducati Desmosedici RR after winning the title by Casey Stoner sold out

Probably it is related to the new World Champion Casey Stoner: The limited edition of 1,500 vehicles Ducati MotoGP replica is completely sold out.

I had recently read this rumor yet, you would set the limit at Bologna with sufficient demand outside force. Well it looks good but as if this is a träte not as if the chance of one of the most exclusive bikes over. As noted above: After the surprising success of Casey Stoner in the season behind us wonder lying just to the sales success of the RR Demosedici not - despite the exorbitant price (I have something in remembrance of the 60,000, but may be wrong).

The helicopters will be delivered from January 2008 to the lucky customer who had to part since the presentation in June 2006, waiting for the bikes. Who has come too late or simply could not pay the price / wanted, here is some very high-resolution images of the call dream bikes. Everything for Motorcycle DUCATI Desmosedici RR on, Used Ducati Desmosedici RR, DUCATI Desmosedici RR Pictures, Ducati Desmosedici RR Modifications, spare part Fri

Come 2012, the Ducati Desmosedici Oberhammer in the form of RR? At the site should petrol Normalkufer ask the question: what is better than before?
Europe 's largest online ergnzt MOTORCYCLE motorcycle magazine with motorcycle motorcycle tests from the archive, with motorcycle catalog, encyclopedia, travel accounts, addresses, appointments, shop. I've got a report fr about the Ducati Desmosedici RR written, I will of course share with you. In 2006 zndete.

Desmosedici RR. World Ducati Week 2012, Ducati Grandstands GP; Ducati Travel Experience

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen ! PS presented Oronero with the Bimota DB7 and DucatiDesmosedici RR, the most expensive and exclusive Italian superbikes with. / motorcycle tests Ducati Desmosedici RR (Race Replica) Race Kit - 2008 (Racing)

Ducati Desmosedici RR - Motorcycle with test reports and quotations from

Sun safety, the model of the current season 2011 DucatiDesmosedici GP11. The bike is considered. Current motorcycles: 848 | 1199 Panigale | Desmosedici RR | Diavel | Hypermotard

Win on sunday. .. sell on Monday. No other manufacturer supplied with the Ducati racing fans as pure Spirit. Now erhlt the base of society Superbike 1098. You are looking for the bike Ducati Desmosedici Rr in your Nhe? Ducati Desmosedici Rr offers in all price ranges-from The Desmosedici RR motorcycle one of the super sports category / Ducati Superbike is the Italian manufacturer. It is a replica of straenzugelassene factory MotoGP machine.

Category: Motorcycles, Make: Ducati Desmosedici RR, Category: Racing machine. Ducati Desmosedici RR. Many manufacturers have ever promised a race-replica, no. The 12 most expensive Serienmotorrder - Seat 8: Ducati Desmosedici RR Fri 61 500 €. Almost twice as expensive as the Ducati 1098R is in my ranking number 8.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Try off-road Ducati Multistrada 1200

Motorcycle Test: Ducati Multistrada 1200 S, Touring exhibition, standard equipment. Km from 1200 to 1800

Location: the farmhouse Sant'Egle, near Sorano, the heart of Tuscan Maremma. The ground was rather dry and hard, the roads met, apart from the white farmhouse to reach the city, were the classic up and down embankments built for tractors. In addition, I traveled stretches of grass, interspersed with woodland roads with much foliage on the bike fondo.Settaggi: Having lived bought two weeks ago, the settings were the standard ones. Posted Enduro mode, I was pleased to note that the ABS and traction control (DTC) are virtually disconnected from the unit as standard and do not create any problem during off road. With regard to the tires, I held obviously the Scorpion Trail by Pirelli fitted as standard. Measure the rear: 190/55/17 ... and here begins the whole story …

Impressions from rest: Let's start with the driving position stand: the stem is 3-4 cm too low for a rider my height (186 cm). Comfortable, however, controls the levers on the handlebars, especially the clutch, soft enough not to tire the hand and arm, but stipulates that only a Ducati can be. Undetectable and safe even in front of the brake. Difficult to achieve with the boot (Alpinestars Vector) the brake pedal: the standard position, in fact, is too low and standing there is no way to operate it. Setting it in the position of most 'extension', things would improve but an inch of 'get up' more. Well the platforms, with rubber protector shoes that can be removed. WARNING: In the mode ENDURO bike 'up' of about 5 cm and this makes the arrest operations and support of the foot to the ground more difficult.

Impressions on the march: The front and rear suspensions Olhins worked great, absorbing without difficulty a hole of some depth. In ENDURO mode, the hundred horsepower generated by the Multi are very tame and allow a good dose of gas, allowing you to remove the hook with relative ease, especially uphill. Good also for the change: the second and third permit to travel almost every street. Rollover risk, however, if you violently throws open the throttle earlier. General impression of extreme delicacy by hand protectors: they feature a good screen, but they are too soft and lightweight for use off road also amateur, especially where the arrow engages integrated. Furthermore, the fact that the bowls for the oil of the front brake and clutch lock engage directly on the hand guard increases the vibrations and the feeling of the overall delicacy of the handlebar. Better would be to equip the bike hand guards traditional 'closed' even with the point of attachment of the handlebar rocker (GS style): simply a branch across the path to bend those included on the Multistrada. The rear license plate, with attached optics and arrows, is subject to excessive vibration, accentuated by Jeeps. It 'just an impression, however: after a weekend of holes, I checked the tightness of the screws and did not move an inch. Test passed back.

Off-road driving impressions: The problem of Multi consists of tires, especially the rear. It is not provided the possibility of using pattern tires and the Scorpion Trail, which indicates Ducati as 'optimum' also for off-road use, do not guarantee any type of grip on dirt roads. And that's difficult, at high speeds on roads so white, but immaculate and without mud. The paths through the fields, especially downhill, things get even more complicated: the rear tire, very large, constantly slips and puts the bike 'sideways', making it difficult to manage even at low speeds. Raising the speed, the feeling of insecurity does not change. Also, when braking with the rear, especially downhill, the bike breaks down significantly due to slippage of the rubber, making it difficult to control. And we are talking about dry land: with mud or grass, the tires of Multi have virtually no grip. Much better than the bike uphill: apart from the slope, the cavalry of the Multi is never pray and push firmly and immediately detectable. On the floor, uneven ground does not help: the Multi-hole absorbs up to 10-15 cm depth, but that's enough. If the difference is greater, it should be a great deal of circumspection, even if the presence of the PPG series adds some additional security.

General assessment in off-road: The Multistrada is a bike 'road'. Maybe, if desired, used off road, but never to make the real enduro, even tourism. With the multi, you can tackle dirt roads, preferably flat and dry, with some paternal feelings in less than what you could do with a 1198, but we are very, very, very far from a hypothesis of comparison with the BMW GS 1200. The GS is a maxienduro road, the Multistrada is a sport that can go off road without a break after a mile.

NB: A few words on electronics. After a day and a half of intensive use, both for road and off road, broke the spring that returns the ignition switch in the neutral position and then, before you can turn on the bike and enter the lock, you need to put it back with your finger. No problem, however, regarding the operation of the bike ride: the five units have not created any problems, the controls on the handlebars are straight and the dashboard, too delicate in appearance, had no problem. You can not say the same of the levers. I unfortunately 'leaning' the bike on its side because of a depression not seen at the time of the stop and the front brake lever has a lot of twisted, so as to require replacement.

In conclusion: The Multi has done everything that I asked, he raced on dirt roads, has fallen from a gully in between the furrows dug by tractors in the clay soil and dry and so hard, went through a hay field, it is small roads, climbing rocky, has even waded a channel with concrete bottom covered with silt. All of his step, all with some apprehension by the pilot, but overall no major problems, if not the fear of breaking it. Only, I had fun doing it, because it is felt that the campaign is not his way: it is asphalt, in fact, that 'the Beast is out'. Corners at 200 per hour, mixed close in the second and third motor-packed, motorways, city traffic: if the road was built by man, then runs the Multi aggressive and is ahead of almost all (we want the latest superbike from 1000 cc to be right up the 150 horses of Borgo Panigale). The SPORT mode has no rivals, the Touring's Multi emblazoned like the German travelers, the riding position is not never wearies and suitcases, running, is like not having them. In short, in Bologna have done the right balance between supercar, the tourist and the scooter. Take it to be a beast off-road too ... too.

Some tips to Ducati

Return to power with traditional key lock
Change and make more robust the cuffs
Create a rear rim that allows the insertion of a rubber tessellated
Improve linkages front, providing the ability to mount levers folding

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The 12 most expensive production bikes - Seat 5: MV Agusta F4 100 CC

Let us approach this jewel of her times by the name of motorcycle architecture side, because that says a lot about this bike. CC stands for Claudio Castiglioni, the then-boss, and 100 MV for the number of units built. Castiglioni wanted to build for themselves and 99 "friends" of the MV Agusta brand, the perfect sports bike, regardless of cost. "I chose a bike that I wanted for myself always to give my name, a motorcycle that not only is the race track, of which only 100 built and designed for lovers of the brand MV Agusta was."

The result of this gem of a sports bike that not only technically but also is a visual feast for the eye is. Each has a platinum plaque F4CC on the crown, numbered from 1 – 100.

Nominally 200 hp engine as standard with the Desmosedici in about equal, I must admit Castiglioni, the MV is the most beautiful sports bike at all. The parts used are the only the best materials (mainly titanium, magnesium and carbon) in the price range we take for granted. According to organizer, the CC is 90% of custom-built parts, including the fork feet, the upper fork bridge, the steering damper, the brake and clutch fluid reservoir, the gear shift and brake levers, the footpegs and the side stand. Although she at first glance, the very "vile" normal MV Agusta F4 1000 is similar.

The lining was made ​​of 100% carbon fiber and hand-made filler cap comes from the aerospace industry, all guards in the intake and the air outlets are was made ​​of titanium, and the coolant and the classic four-pipe exhaust system made ​​of titanium. The motor weighs in spite of the larger displacement of 1078cc whopping 4kg less than the motor one F4R. You can imagine how much work has been driven in order to get a really been optimized engine so much weight. The single-sided swingarm to the rear wheel is made entirely of magnesium, as well as all the tops, the alternator cover, etc. Only the frame is made ​​of chrome-molybdenum steel is also reflected in the "normal" F4.

Reported is the F4CC with 187kg dry weight, and 315km / h top speed.

In measuring the performance test found the testers before 189PS, which almost exactly corresponds to the power of the Desmosedici in the approval outfit. While the Ducati presents its unique focus on track performance, the MV is more eye candy, without wanting to go significantly lower. In the living room, the organizer makes any event, the figure is much better encounter while on the racetracks of the world, probably more significantly, the Duc.

For motorcycles are included in the price a Girard-Perregaux-Clock and a Trussardi leather jacket with emblem F4. Whether one's the extra cost is worth the Duc, everyone must decide for themselves who has the necessary € masses. Because he gets one at all.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

EWC 1190RS motorcycle test: A Ducati is on the other hand commodity

At Oschersleben, motorcycle fans a similar sound as the northern loop of the castle around Nur. On the circuit is raging out of professionals and amateur racers on Ducati, Buell and BMW boxers. The relaxed atmosphere led to one or the other once too frivolous offerings - such as myself to trust the new superbike from Buell, which goes by the somewhat cumbersome name 1190RS EWC in order to explore once the limits of the round course.

"The track is totally clear and the 1190s is about as handy as a bike ride," says her owner Thomas Wanner. Wanner, who runs the Pegasus Race team, easily persuaded. Well laps hold fast motorcycles, in principle, less danger than the Hamburg city traffic, but I'm at best amateur racers, and the EWC 1190RS is a special motorcycle: 155 hp at the rear, 179 kg light, constructed from aluminum and magnesium parts and a lot of carbon. Pure Superbike Power, Made in USA. Its builder, the American engineer and inventor Erik Buell has, at the EWC 1190RS waived gadgets such as traction control or ABS, or would you price that is around 44,000 euros, 50,000 over the limit increased. 

But not only the high price guarantees exclusivity: Buell motorcycles built by the first of a limited edition of one hundred copies - and only one of which was shipped to Europe until now. So I sit on a quasi one-off. 

Good-natured muscleman 

Good drivers are on the exit of the finishing straight at Oschersleben with about 70 to 80 miles per hour on the road. Then, to speed up full. The 1190RS has so much power and torque that is 600 meters with occasional contact of the front wheel to the road three or four courses are through. At the braking point close to 250 kilometers per hour have been reached, before going fully into the iron.

This puts stress the chassis of the 1190RS better off than me. The chassis consists of a solid aluminum frame with integral fuel tank, magnesium wheels are the front of an upside-down forks and rear swing arm via a spring and a leg. Erik Buell took it back on components from Öhlins and saved elsewhere at any point: In front there is still a huge single disc, which bridles the elemental force of the machine itself. Only the somewhat unwieldy display panel in the cockpit is testament to the resources that ultimately were still limited.

The water-cooled V-twin engine's performance brings unimpressed and completely linear with no holes even from low speeds. It is already known from the Buell 1125, prior to the closure of the production by the then parent Harley-Davidson in October 2009 as the last model rolled off the assembly line. Built with Rotax in Austria, and of EWC in East Troy, Wisconsin bored to 1190 cc, it is of American drivers and the Pegasus race team already used successfully in the pure racing version 1190RR.
The slightly modified version 1190RS street racing is her sister in Oschersleben not far behind. In the harassment and cornering and the points of the curves proves the 179 kilogram single-seater to be extremely handy; Wanner comparison with the bike is not too far-fetched. After the first rounds of respect and adrenaline levels have gradually leveled out, but if you let the bike run smoothly, it looks almost playful way, and also runs his chance as racers like us safely along the road. Wanner, who runs faster, and its top drivers Harald Kitsch unanimously confirm that the 1190RS also in the border area behaves absolutely docile.
Who should buy it? 
Compared to the 2009 closed area in which at least a hundred thousand Buell ran off the line, Erik Buell Racing is a small sweatshop - but large enough to produce a hundred machines by hand. This number must EWC within two years to reach in order to compete in the American AMA racing series against the Japanese Superbike racing teams can. Without podiums and trophies goes nothing: Erik Buell living as a designer of his racing successes like Apple design awards.
As in the United States approved for the road racer but a commercial zero-sum game or even the success of which will, however, is still an open question. Erik Buell has the Harley possessed nothing out an American Superbike built, the Japanese competition, which can range Ducati 1198 and the BMW S 1000 RR with no water problems. More than that: In terms of exclusivity of the top dogs challenger is way ahead. Hundreds of pieces are so sure of themselves exorbitant price of 45,000 , and by way of agreement - most probably for collectors and American patriots who have been waiting for a super bike from American hands.
But the mass production that Erik Buell envisioned, and a coherent business model, he is far away. Only an estimated 5,000 units built from a sale price can be around 20,000 realize that they can mobilize the potential buyer-1190RS. These numbers also need the technical wizard Buell a production line - and an investor with a lot of money. However, EWC, one hears, already filed in an appropriate business plan, and talks recently with Chinese donors.   

Friday, March 16, 2012

Triumph Daytona 675 2012: Visually Enhanced

The Triumph Daytona 675 whirled the "600" class with each other properly. For the upcoming 2012 model year gets the Daytona 675 now missed a careful revision, the new graphics and a revamped cover finish. Between two color variants should the buyer choose: Phantom Black (Black) or Diablo Red (Red). New details are the Triumph logo on the tank, a new-look "Daytona" logo and a fairing in Jet Black (with the red 675).

Triumph Daytona 675 Models, 2012 

Black is presenting now the holder of the foot pegs and brake discs. The 2012er Daytona 675 also shows the proud new logo on the clutch and generator covers. The three-cylinder engine makes 125 hp at 12 600 U/min-1 and a torque of 72 Nm.

Already, there are known to report the suspension: Excellent suspensions and brakes takes the 2012er Daytona from its predecessor. The fully adjustable 41mm USD forks and rear monoshock are adjustable in both high-and low-speed compression damping. Radial-mount Nissin monobloc calipers and lightweight wheels delay befitting reduce the unsprung masses. Factory-mounted tires are Pirelli Super Corsa SP. Dry weight of the Triumph Daytona 675, only 162 kg, ready to drive to gather 185 kg.

The 2012er Daytona 675 will soon be at a price of 11 490 (Austria: 13 190 ) will be available including two-year warranty with unlimited mileage.